I collaborate with top tier esports players and content creators to create captivating videos that promote the Complexity brand. These videos are produced in a timely manner, either remotely or in person, based on availability.
produced a variety of video styles From Lifestyle, to reaction videos, online challenges, and cinematics. They focus on showcasing the different personalities of all complexity creators and high-skill level of their esports players.
conducted an interview with futbol superstar Javier (Chicharito) Hernandez. I curated a list of questions that explored both his personal and professional life to better show fans his passion for gaming.
main Editor
these were filmed by the entire complexity video team, but i was assigned as the main editor. each one of these shows my ability to edit different styles of videos.
Production Assistant
I was part of the filming crew for our biggest productions, working on set with talent, and helping maintain the vision we developed throughout the pipeline.


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